Personal Chef


Personal Chef
My name is Alessandro Onti and I am a chef.
I believe in flavours from afar, the mixing and blending of cultures, a cuisine conveying a range of emotions.

I am dedicated to creating dishes full of flavour that can also tell a story, so that anyone tasting them, will receive new and unforgettable memories to cherish in their mind and heart.


There are two ways of meeting people:
Wait for them to come to you, or meet them wherever they are.

Together, we will make your ideas a reality;
A romantic menu for a dinner date, an exotic themed buffet for a party with friends, intriguing dishes to impress a customer with a special business lunch.
I can turn your desires into the home speciality.

I am AIS certified Chef and Sommelier, and I am licensed to operate in any location.

Travelling through flavours

Travelling and cooking are the two things I am best at, and I will never stop doing.
Through integration they enrich and improve each other, in a dynamic blending that tastes like landscapes and spices, glances and exotic ingredients, smiles and the heat of the fire.