So little, yet so big and rich with tradition. I have wandered through Europe searching for something to carry with me forever, and much of it I have found in Hungary.
From its peasant culture, where nothing goes to waste, I loved the blood sausages, the central role of cabbage, the creative use of mince meat, the goulash if course and yet again the spices, adding to my mezcla the colour of paprika. Discovered by chance in Budapest and found again soon after in Porto.

To me, Portugal tastes of bacalao (salted cod), herrings, Port that I drank at every table at which I sat, chorizo flavoured with sweet or hot or smoked paprika. I still remember fondly all of those flavours, not even the thousand bottles of Port I enjoyed could make me forget them.

I took my rucksack all the way to the low temperatures of the North, to find the heartwarming cuisine of Iceland and Norway, and their surprisingly unusual flavours. I tasted salmon, cod, salted cod, dressed with the flavours of the North, I enjoyed also trout and salmon fish, reindeer and whale meat, they tasted of myths and legends and they were delicious .

And if you are thirsty, you might wish to be in Iceland, where the best water of the world springs from the depth of this land.